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White Admiral v Colt Hatch played on Friday 29th November
Card shows both teams played with seven players, ie one short of the required eight to fulfil a full match
The result card indicates a 6-2 win for the White Admiral
This is incorrect as their were only had seven players each team, therefore one pairs game and one fours would have to be forfeited by both teams.
At least one player from each team would have to have played twice in fours and pairs.
This is against rules and would be unfair to other teams in the league particularly those who may be vying for league position.
The matter is clearly covered in rule No 7, a copy of which is printed below.
Enquiries have been made and White Admiral posted wins the second four and fourth pair.
Therefore the result card will be amended to read Match result White Admiral 4 – Colt Hatch 2
Threes 1-1, Fours 1-0 to Admiral, Pairs 2-1 to Admiral – remaining points are void.

Minimum of six players are required to play a match.  Teams playing a match with six or seven players will forfeit the second four and the last pair.  Points forfeited in these circumstances will be awarded to the opposing team.  In the event of both teams playing a match with six or seven players, forfeited points will be withdrawn altogether.  Players arriving before the draw for the fours or pairs are made, may be considered for selection in those games.  Individual players may not play more than once in any set of games, i.e. Triples, Fours or Pairs